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Comprehensive Guide to Copper City Co’s Diverse Range of Copper Products

Assorted Copper City Co products including wires, rods, and tubes, representing a comprehensive copper solution for industries.
The world of Copper City Co's copper products. Our guide highlights the features, applications, and benefits of our diverse range, catering to all industry needs.

Introduction – Copper City Co Copper Products

Welcome to Copper City Co, where we specialize in providing top-tier copper products for various industrial applications. Moreover, Our commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart in the copper industry.

Copper Flexible Wire

To begin with, Discover the versatility and high conductivity of our Copper Flexible Wires, ideal for a range of industrial needs. Learn about their specifications and how they can enhance your projects.

Soudronic Wire

In particular, explore the unique properties of Soudronic Wire, designed for consistent performance. Understand its tensile strength, elongation percentage, and electrical resistance, making it a reliable choice for demanding applications.

Copper Rod

Moreover, the world of our Copper Rods, available in round, square, and hexagonal shapes. Made from 99.99% pure copper, these rods are essential for various industrial applications.

Copper Conductors

Learn about our robust Copper Conductors, engineered for maximum efficiency and durability. Discover their applications in challenging industrial environments.

Copper Sections

Our Copper Sections come in various thicknesses and widths, ensuring versatility for different uses. Find out how they are packed and protected for optimal quality.

Copper Busbar

Certainly, Understand the importance of Copper Busbars in the electric and electronic industries. Known for their high conductivity and durability, these busbars are a staple in many electrical systems.

Copper Cathode

Most important, Get insights into our Grade A Copper Cathode production process, which adheres to LME standards and ASTM B115 2016. Discover how Tank Bioleaching plays a role in our innovative manufacturing.

Straight Tubes

Straight Tubes in Hard, Semi-hard, and Soft tempers cater to cooling and heating systems, as well as gas and agricultural water piping. Explore their versatility and applications.

LWC (Level Wound Coil)

Our top-quality LWC is ideal for mass production in refrigeration and heating systems, and heat exchangers. Learn about its resistance to oxidation and corrosion.


In addition, The Pancake copper product offers notable flexibility for repairs and fittings in the ventilation and refrigeration industries. Understand its uses in piping systems, gas transmission lines, and refrigeration tubes.

Quality and Sustainability – Copper City Co Copper Products

At Copper City Co, we’re committed to not only providing high-quality products but also to sustainable practices. Discover how we’re making a difference in the copper industry.

Conclusion – Copper City Co Copper Products

As a result, Copper City Co’s extensive range of copper products is designed to meet the diverse needs of the industry. We invite you to explore our products and see how they can contribute to your projects.

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