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Our Copper is Better Faster Purer

Copper City Co.​

We Are In Dubai, UAE


This is How We Think...

We produce top-notch products that exceed global standards. Our quality is widely recognized both locally and internationally. We are continuously improving to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

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About CCCo

Copper City Company is established in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), aiming to develop and upbringing the electricity industry and optimal usage of the country’s underground sources and improve the copper and aluminum production industry to obtain more added value.


We make sure our country gets the copper it needs for electricity.
"Supplying raw material of the country electricity industry"


We believe in the future of electricity. That's why we invest in making it better.
"Investment in the electricity industry development"


From raw copper to finished products, we do it all. Our items meet world standards and are used in many industries.
Production of copper and aluminum and their alloys semi manufactured products

Main Activities:

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What We Provide


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Copper Flexible Wire

Our wires are known for their high conductivity and are available in various dimensions to cater to diverse needs.

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Soudronic Wire

This wire is specifically designed to have a consistent tensile strength and elongation percentage, ensuring its durability and flexibility. The resistance value provided indicates its electrical resistance at a temperature of 20°C.

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Copper Rod

We offer round, square, and hexagonal rods made from pure copper with a minimum purity of 99.99%. These rods are essential for various industrial applications.

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Copper Conductors

These are specifically designed for robust applications, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability.

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Copper Sections

Available in various thicknesses and widths, our coils are packed on wooden pallets for maximum protection.ade from pure copper with a minimum purity of 99.99%. These rods are essential for various industrial applications.

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Copper Busbar

Essential for electric and electronic industries, our busbars are known for their high conductivity and durability.

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Copper Cathode

Production of Grade A copper cathode via Tank Bioleaching, using thermophilic microorganisms to dissolve copper sulfide concentrate, adhering to LME standards and ASTM B115 2016.

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Tubes, available in Hard, Semi-hard, and Soft tempers as per customer request, cater to various cooling and heating systems, and are also suitable for gas and agricultural water piping.

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top-quality seamless copper coil tubes (LWC) conforming to global standards, ideal for mass production in refrigeration and heating systems, and heat exchangers, with notable resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

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Ideal for repairs and fittings in ventilation and refrigeration industries, offer notable flexibility for easy use in piping systems, gas transmission lines, and refrigeration tubes, typically supplied annealed.

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Outlook & Mission

Our dream?

To make the copper and aluminum industry shine and stand tall in the Middle East. We’re working hard to be among the top five companies in our region. Every day, we focus on giving the best to our team and those who believe in us.

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Values & Strategies

We care about safety.

We want everyone to feel secure when doing business with us. We also believe in being kind to our planet, using green methods whenever we can. And above all, we do business the right way, with honesty and respect.