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Copper Cathode

Production of Grade A copper cathode via Tank Bioleaching, using thermophilic microorganisms to dissolve copper sulfide concentrate, adhering to LME standards and ASTM B115 2016.

Cathode Dimensions

Number of sheets per bundleWeight per bundle (Kg)Weight per sheet (Kg)Thickness (mm)Width (cm)Length (cm)

Chemical Analysis of Cathode

Cu(%)Se(ppm)Te(ppm)Bi(ppm)Group total(ppm)



Sb(ppm)Pb(ppm)As(ppm)Fe(ppm)Ni(ppm)Sn(ppm)S(ppm)Ag(ppm)Group total(ppm)



Production of copper cathode through Tank Bioleaching method.

In this method, copper cathode production is carried out using thermophilic microorganisms in an acidic solution through dissolving copper sulfide concentrate. Subsequently, through solvent extraction and electrowinning methods, copper of Grade A quality as per London Metal Exchange (LME) standards (with a purity of at least 99.995%) is produced under the ASTM B115 2016 standard.